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Racuda is 6 posted on 25/07/2010 @ 15:45

Racuda has been down for a while due to server problems, but is back online as of yesterday, sorry for any inconvenience caused. Today Racuda has been online for 6 years! Unfortunately the website has become almost completely rejected by me, but should hopefully remain online as i hope to find time in the future to give it the attention required. If you have visited Racuda over the years you will be aware Version Three was in the pipeline, i do still hope to release it someday as the majority of the proposed update is complete, however I just don't currently have the time to complete the work required. It is an update that should someday be released however as I am keen for the work that has been put into it not to be wasted, please keep visiting.

Author: Racuda

1 Year On... posted on 25/07/2008 @ 12:10

So another year has passed, and today Racuda starts it's 4th year.

Author: Racuda

Good News! posted on 25/07/2007 @ 12:33

Firstly, a very Happy 3rd Birthday to Racuda. :D
It was today, 3 years ago that Racuda V1 hit the web!

I would like to comfort everybody, that Racuda has not died, I have recently renewed the domain for another 2 years!

I have also revised my affiliates, deleted the sites that were down, and those who didn't return a link, and updated some buttons.

And Version Three! has made some fantastic progress! I've recently spent allot of free time on it, the template/layout is practically complete and ready for content!

So.... it's all good!

Author: Racuda

Affiliate requests posted on 18/04/2007 @ 11:41

I plan sometime in the near future, reply to all the affiliate requests I have received. I have not properly responded to any of these for some time.

I have been very very busy lately, and haven't found the time to sort through all of my e-mails, including about 6500 that are spam. Sorry to anyone that has sent a request and hasn't received a reply.

I plan to do this in the near future.

(However I'm not sure if year old messages are good to repond to!)

I recently said not to bother sending requests, I now encourage you to send them. Thanks.

Author: Racuda

Virus IMPORTANT posted on 15/03/2007 @ 10:11

Earlier today, visitors may have noticed a problem with a virus being installed whilst browing Racuda, this was due to a 'Malicious Code' being placed on a large variety of Racuda's pages, in various places, due to a problem with my host, which meant many of it's other customers experienced that same problem.

This code has now been fully removed and all is now safe. Sorry to anyone who may have got this virus whilst browsing. Thanks.

Author: Racuda

Not Alot posted on 21/10/2006 @ 17:28

Well sorry I'm busy etc.
Affiliate requests haven't been answered for months, I hadn't even checked my e-mails until earlier today, receiving aproximately 840 e-mails, of which aproximately 810 were just spam.

There haven't been any updates, to V2, or V3...

I suppose I must mention I haven't posted for ages... so... I thought I must...

Author: Racuda

Affiliate Standby posted on 24/08/2006 @ 19:00

Ok, honestly I have been very, very, very poor in relation to affiliate requests over the past months... ....and months... I really do apologise to anyone who has sent one. Your e-mail will still be in my inbox, however If you receive a reply now, chances are you've probabaly forgot you even sent one, it's been that long.

I don't know when I will find myself replying to these requests but please be very patient and understanding, and understand that yes, I most probably did receive your e-mail/request.

Just thought I'd let you know whats going on as you deserve to know.

Author: Racuda